Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Last Blog that I write for English class

Hello Everybody
Now! I writing my last blog and I don’t want cry hahaha, so I don’t know that more write…
I enjoyed writing sometime, because I think that some topic are little boring, but I like the topics, for example about the Christmas or my favorite beach. Also the blog is the best way to express anything, a life story, the hobbies or whatever that you write. And write in English, I think that the blog experience was great, because I know more tips about the classmate.
A things that I dislike, so I find that blog experience it’s not boring, when I write about that I like for example music, but if I write about my personal stuff…. I hate this topic, I don`t like write about my personal life or personal life that other friends.
I enjoyed reading the all classmate blogs, Nope! I just saw my friend’s blogs (Isabel, Daniela, Diego, Perdo, Gricel, Felipe) and when I did read yours blog make me happy, because I learn more about them.
Finally write in a blog was a best way to learn and practice English, because write and talk are very important for me, also more important is practice for myself, write and talk in class is a part of learn English, practice in home is better when I watch a movie, or listen music in English and I write whit my followers in a blog site called Tumblr, because the English is the universal language.
So finally I’d say thank for all, first the teacher Simon, thank teacher for teach me the keys of the English, for me the best class was heard the lyrics of the music. Second I want to give thank to my friends classmate, for the all conversation about different topic and finally the rest of the classes thank all!

So God bless our teacher and the Queen!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A piece of art “Unidos en la Gloria y en la Muerte” // United in glory and in death

Hi Everybody
Today I write about a piece of art that I like called Unidos en la Gloria y en la Muerte by Rebeca Matte.
Rebecca Matte is the first Chilean sculptor. Born (1875) in Santiago, Chile and died (1929) in Torrosa, Italy. Rebecca sculptor began his study in Rome, Italy, after he moves to Paris.
In the years 1900 and 1901 Rebecca received its first medals and awards in Europe and Chile.
In 1908 resumed his work in sculpture and begins to work, producing a series of works in marble and copper.
Among his most important works are found, Horacio 1910 which is a work made of marble, the monument to the heroes of Concepcion in 1920 and 1912 Icaro and Dedalo is a work in bronze.
About the piece of art Unidos en la Gloria y en la Muerte.
Originally the work of art is called Icaro and Dedalo, but at its base is written "Unidos en la Gloria y en la Muerte" this work was created in 1912 and its inauguration was in 1930, is a sculpture made of bronze, its measures are 200 x 180 x 220 cm and is located in the front of the national Museum of Fine Arts in Santiago, Chile.
I saw this piece of art when I was a child (I don’t remember the age) when I went to the doctor located in the Santa Maria Street, crossing the Mapocho River I walked for the front of the national museums of fine arts.
So I like, because I think that is a Beautiful piece of art, I see a angel that had a broken wing and the other angel that hold up the hand of the other angel. This scene for my express many feelings of friendship.

Monday, January 9, 2012

The City I love Santiago, Chile

Hi everybody
Today I write about the city where I born and live, Santiago the capital city of Chile.
Santiago is a city that has much contrast, but how all city in the world, have a good and bad things. I prefer the good thing for example the life quality in Santiago is good, because the city has a many services, for example, Hospitals, restaurant, game zone and outdoor activities.
I dislike something about of Santiago, for example I think that the city have much people, so the public transport go to crash every morning, so travel for my in the subway every morning is a torture, other topic today Santiago is a capital city of the air pollution, in winter the pollution will get the maximum level and the people that have a pulmonary sick can suffer much.
I’d like change in Santiago the car lifestyle, in this city, the people think that is more easy travel with your cars for the city, but a lot cars in the city can generate high congestion, for other way the state would be promote the use of other way form, for example the bike or other way that clear the street of the cars and the public transport.
The tips to the Santiago visitor are easy, save you! Yes Santiago is a most save city in South America, but this sign not mean that you will stole in the street.
Santiago have a many touristic trips you can take a bus and travel for the city, or you can take a bike tour that are amazing, you ride a bike for a city made for cars and you must evade the furious cars drivers, I think this is so funny, finally you can walk for the city and take beautiful pictures of the city called Santiago.
C’mon Santiago is capital city have a lot of surprise and beautiful places. Enjoy the city without the cars and save the planet of the pollution.

Monday, January 2, 2012

My Chinese horoscope 2012 - The Horse

Hi Everybody
Today I talk about my Chinese horoscope in the year 2012.
So my Chinese horoscope according to this web page is The Horse (neighing), but I always think that my Chinese horoscope is the goat. Whatever let’s go how is the horse?
The horse is the seven positions in the Chinese horoscope, some general characteristic are: energy, enjoy the nature, happy, honest, friendly and extremely intelligence, but the horse like the center of attention.
In health, the horses are very healthy. Because I like play outside sports, for example I don’t like run, I prefer ride bicycle and enjoy this, also I like other sports, play soccer, volleyball or tennis and tennis table I like so much.
In career the horses enjoy jobs that need talk and interaction with other persons for example tour operation, translator, sales representative and publicist. But I dislike this description, because I don’t have much personality, I prefer talk with some persons that speak in public to many persons. Buy I either likes to be in close jobs for example work in an office, so I choose study geography, because contains this two topics work outside and in an office.
In the relationship horses are spontaneous and their relationships are exhausting, but are stronger and more stable later in life. I think that this is correct; because I know other horses and are same they live the love with passion and engagement, so these characteristics leave the horse exhausted.
Finally I’m a metal horse and this kind of horse prefers the free –spirited and makes better friends than partners. Yes this description it’s true and I’m very agreed.

Monday, December 26, 2011

My christmas song - Gingle Bells and Let it snow


I like this two song.

My Christmas

Hi everybody

Today I’m talking about my Christmas and yes this Christmas was a short holy day, because the 25 day was Sunday, and the Sunday are a boring.
So the time I spend on Christmas is while, because the Christmas eve was in Saturday night and the Christmas was in Sunday, so the time I spend was while, I think that was four hours.
I spend Christmas time whit my father, mother and the pet, later arrived to the house the neighbor whit more Christmas present and I enjoy it was a great moment, because we talked about the life for two hours.
I did some activities in Christmas, but the university activities and homework don’t can other activities, so this Christmas was special, because I did have much time to do activities.
I didn’t ate, because my family not prepare Christmas dinner, but I did ate peanut and potato chips meanwhile I wait the Christmas, also I did drink nothing I did drink mineral water, because I did have thirst.
Before of finish my Christmas present was a CD of my favorite band The Red Hot Chili Peppers, the CD is by the Album I’m with you and contain excellent song, the single is “The adventures of the rain dance Maggie”, but I like so much the song “Monarchy of roses”.
Happy holidays for you!!!